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ID photos - digital and efficient.

Photo Collect is the leading solution for scalable credential photo acquisition, processing and validation. Highly automated and location-independent.

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AI image analysis
Smartphone employee photo collection upload via SMS link

Please upload a photo via the link below. Thank you!

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From photo to ID card

Process overview

The one-stop digital solution with a proven process.

Step 1: Collect

Collect ID photos (employees, customers, visitors) via various digital channels: Upload link via email or SMS, QR code for printed materials, app for Card Office or the elegant self-service photo kiosk. All channels can be used in parallel and are coordinated with each other.

Step 2: Validate

The photo is checked for the most common errors (head position, resolution, etc.) immediately upon upload by the AI and the head is aligned horizontally. An unsatisfactory photo can be requested again via the optional manual quality control.

Step 3: Processing

The face is centered and cropped to the correct size. The background is removed and replaced with a color or gradient. The photo is saved as a jpg after employee number.

Step 4: Export

Collected photos can be easily exported as a ZIP file or picked up via SFTP or API. Optionally, a copy of the photo is emailed to the person uploading it. After that, the photo will be deleted at Photo Collect .
Gathering channels

At home or on-site?

The channels, which can be combined in any way, give you and your employees every freedom to choose the individually right way to upload photos.
Smartphone upload

User device

Send a personalized link that can be used to create the photo in a minute using a smartphone - no need to install an app. The link can be sent by email or by SMS.
Photo Collect Photo kiosk column stand

Photo kiosk

With the modern photo kiosk, your employees create a photo on their own. Due to the integrated background removal, the location is flexible and no photo box is needed. The kiosk is network-independent.
Photo Collect App screenshot

Mobile app

At your reception desk or at card office , capture photos with the Photo Collect app (iOS and Android). Employee numbers can be scanned directly via the integrated OCR.


We kindly ask you to submit a photo for your employee badge.

Digital upload:

Send in analog:

QR code

QR code

By scanning the cryptographically signed upload code, the recipient can upload his photo directly. The code can be generated without accessing Photo Collect . Ideal for sending letters.
in numbers

Photo by photo a success

Every day, thousands of images are uploaded via Photo Collect .
Photos obtained
Satisfied users
(from 1'200'000+ ratings)
2 min
Upload time (median)
Link open to upload
Smartphone employee photo collection upload via SMS link
Remote Collection

Infinitely scalable

Use the potential of the smartphone cameras of your employees or customers. Send the personalized upload link by SMS, by e-mail or as a QR code by mail.
Simple: As a one-time process, photo capture should be as simple as possible for the end user. Photo Collect works through the smartphone's default browser - no login required and no app to install.
Consistent results: AI-assisted image verification for user guidance and automatic image processing produce good results. All photos can additionally be manually validated and insufficient photos can be.
Photo Collect App
Self-service photo kiosk for photo collection, photo gathering
On-Site Collection

Present on site

People without smartphones can have a photo taken on site or use the photo kiosk.
Self-service kiosk: With the elegant photo column we say goodbye to the age of cumbersome photo boxes. The integrated background removal makes the location flexible. The photo kiosk runs 24 hours without mains power, the image data is transmitted via 4G/5G to Photo Collect .
Operated app: Use the Photo Collect app (iOS and Android) to capture photos at your front desk or at card office . Employee numbers can be OCR'd with the camera.
manual quality control

Integrated photo validation

Optional Quality Control (QC) takes just one second per photo on average and helps improve photo quality.
Photos not meeting the requirements are rejected with the red button, then the remaining photos are accepted via "Pass all". Several people can work on the QC in parallel and validate large quantities of photos.
A follow-up upload is automatically triggered for rejected photos. Predefined rejection reasons with tips for improvement in multiple languages make it easy to create a new, improved photo.
Over 99% of users manage to submit an accepted photo after a maximum of three attempts. The remaining 1% are usually recorded via app at the reception desk or at card office .
Quality control screenshot example
Avoid insufficient photos

First-Gate Checks

Before a photo is accepted for upload and enters manual quality control, Photo Collect checks the image for the most common errors and provides immediate feedback to the user during the upload.
Screenshot: Group photo.
Screenshot: Face mask
Screenshot: Face too close to the edge of the image.
Screenshot: Head position.
Screenshot: No face.
Operated app

Photo Collect App

The Photo Collect app (iOS and Android) supports the work of photo capture teams and allows you to collect photos at your reception desk or at card office.
Correct photo naming: The photo is recorded together with the employee number and does not have to be renamed manually afterwards.
OCR: Recording of the employee number via text recognition with the camera (e.g. from existing ID card or from list).
Automatic background clearing directly on the device.
Further processing such as cutting, quality control and export in Photo Collect.

We protect what is important.

Photo Collect meets the highest safety requirements and is GDPR-compliant.
Privacy Policy
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Hosting in Swiss ISO-27001 certified data center.
Export with OpenPGP encryption (optional).
Customized DPA and SLA on availability and data protection.
Automatic deletion of data after export.
EU-GDPR / CH-DSG compliant data processing.
Regular software updates included.


The SwissPass is the basic card for public transport in Switzerland. The red card, personalized with a photo, can be found in most Swiss households. Accordingly, the photo collection must be broad-based, easy to use and functional. In addition to the digital upload, Photo Collect enables automatic quality checking in real time and image optimization through automatic cropping and background removal.
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Christian Meyer-Hentschel (unsplash)


We would be happy to discuss your requirements and the possibilities of Photo Collect in an online meeting.

How can I use Photo Collect ?

Photo Collect is Software-as-a-Service, which means license, hosting and software updates are included - you rent the software as a service. In the Photo Collect Cloud variant, you have access to our multi-tenant instance. Photo Collect Business at and Photo Collect Enterprise are software installations set up specifically for you on your own domain.

How can I integrate Photo Collect into my IT infrastructure?

You can import the personnel numbers from Excel to Photo Collect or simply use the app or the Photo Kiosk and get started. The finished photos are downloaded as a ZIP file. If required, Photo Collect can be fully integrated into any system via the application programming interface (API).

Is Photo Collect compatible with my access system?

Yes, because Photo Collect works independently of existing access systems. If required, Photo Collect can be integrated into an existing card management system.

How does the setup work?

Photo Collect Cloud: After onboarding and signing the contract, the functions are available to you.

Photo Collect Enterprise / Business: In parallel to finalizing the contract documents (for the main contract and DPA we provide standard documents as a basis), optional PSQ or cloud security issues, we set up a test environment customized to your requirements. This allows you to test extensively and ensure that Photo Collect is available in the production environment virtually immediately after the contract is signed.

What support do I get during setup and during photo-gathering?

Our experienced team will support you throughout the entire process. From the legal aspects (contract, DPA) to the set-up and day-to-day business, we are there for you and can make adjustments to the process if necessary.

What does the license include?

The license agreement includes the ready-to-use software and an included number of uploads per month or year. All upload channels can be used with the license.

Where can I get Photo Collect ?

You can purchase Photo Collect either directly from us or through our partners. Our partners offer additional services such as photo validation. We will be happy to advise you.

Will Photo Collect be adapted to my CI/CD?

Photo Collect Cloud: Email and SMS sender names can be customized by you.

Photo Collect Enterprise / Business: Email and SMS sender names, colors, logo and text modules are adapted to your corporate identity during setup.

What photo formats are possible?

In addition to the standard format in the corporate sector (4:3) and the passport photo format (1:1 or 45:35), any aspect ratio can be configured. Either a color, a gradient or a specific background image can be used as background. The files are exported as JPEG in a specified pixel size (e.g. 800x600 pixels).

Is there an application programming interface (API)?

Yes, all Photo Collect functions can be controlled externally via a REST API. For example, upload requests can be created automatically from your system and photos can be imported directly into SAP-HR. We are happy to support you with the implementation.

Is hosting already included?

Yes. Photo Collect is Software-as-a-Service. Everything you need for operation is installed, configured and delivered ready for use by us. All you have to do is log in and you can start taking photos.

Can I use my own domain?

Photo Collect Business / Enterprise: Yes, Photo Collect can be integrated via a subdomain, e.g. You can also use your own SSL certificates. The company domain creates trust and increases the upload rate.

Can I use my own email server?

Photo Collect Business / Enterprise: Yes. If you use your own SMTP server, fewer emails get stuck in the spam filter.

What is the pricing of Photo Collect?

The price depends on the selected model (Cloud, Business or Enterprise) and the number of photos. We will be happy to provide you with a quote after an initial consultation.